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10 Amazing Home Entrances And Staircases

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Suzy Q
Having a jaw-dropping home entrance is one of the most important aspects of your home. First impressions count, and creating a beautiful entrance isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are 10 glamorous home entrance and staircases, along with some tips on how you can get the look at home!

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    Suzy Q: Creating a lasting impression in your home foyer is easy, if you know the right tricks from the right people. We scoured the web to find some of the best interior designer tested decorating ideas that can transform your foyer into a glamorous and welcoming entrance. To find out how and also check out some uber fabulous home entrances, keep reading!
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    Suzy Q: Choose the Right Lighting

    First thing is first – lighting. To make your foyer stand out it’s all about big, bright lighting and a large light fixture. Chandeliers are your answer to making your foyer a grand foyer. Gold, silver, and even acrylic chandeliers look great as long as there is a lot of bling and the right type of bulbs. Choose soft-lighted bulbs to create the right ambience and don’t forget to install that dimmer switch to adjust your lighting according to the occasion!
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    Suzy Q: Make Your Staircase Standout

    We all love the look of a bold, dramatic staircase. Make your stairs stand out with a beautiful stair runner like this animal printed runner that makes this staircase come to life! If you like the look of a clean, streamlined staircase, it's easy to strip your wood stairs, sand them down using a belt sander and apply a fresh lick of black and white paint. If you live in a older home that is in need of a extreme reno, you can always purchase new stairs. There are tons of stairs for sale like the spiral models from Fontanot Shop that save tons of space.
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    Suzy Q: Family Photos

    To add a personal touch to your home entrance and create a wonderful conversation piece, line your stairwell with family photos! To make this look work I love choosing larger scaled images, printing them black and white, and then framing them in bold black frames. An easy way to make regular family memories look like high-end decorating!
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    Suzy Q: Bring Garden Decor Indoors

    I love placing large pots of indoor plants or large urns in my home to make a big statement. Sometimes it can be tricky finding these items items in regular home decor shops, so I hit the garden center! Believe it or not, but garden urns can actually look very classy and sophisticated when placed indoors. Arrange them symmetrically around your staircase on or either side of your front door.
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    Suzy Q: Go Traditional with Oriental Rugs

    Interior design trends really do come and go, but one things for sure - oriental rugs or Persian rugs as some of you may call them - never go out of style. Roll out one of these beautiful rugs at the entrance of your home and you won't be disappointed!
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    Suzy Q: Create a Welcoming Entrance

    To make your foyer welcoming and also practical, a seating area is a definite must-have. A small bench or an elegant love seat placed near the stairs and the entrance of your home is a great place where guests can sit (if you are fashionably late!) or put on their shoes. This is also a great place where you can add some color and style with vibrant throw pillows!
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    Suzy Q: A Round Table

    There are so many different reasons why a entrance needs a round table. They are the perfect place to make that first impression to your guests or whoever walks in. They are great for holding beautiful floral arrangements according to the season, family photos, large coffee table books, or even a large sculpture.
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    Suzy Q: Window Seat

    If you are in the situation where your foyer is tiny and there isn't much room for a round table or bench, take advantage of your wall space. You only need a tiny bit of room to install a window seat under a window, or a small bench that is attached to a wall. For even more bonus, you can use up the space underneath your window seat for some added storage.
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    Suzy Q: Dress Up Your Walls

    It's easy to get away with a colorful wallpaper or a mesmerizing wall mural in your foyer. Since there is little furniture, your walls don't have much to compete with. Put all the attention on your walls, and let them become the star of the show. That gorgeous damask wallpaper you wanted to try out? Your foyer is the place to try it!

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