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12 Pieces Of Iconic British Furniture

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Suzy Q
Britain has a lot to be proud of, and their iconic furniture designs are just one of these. Some of these pieces may be more difficult to get hold of soon due to new copyright legislations that are coming in to play during the next few months. Read a bit more about this at Strawberry Squeeze, but it comes as a result of replica designs flooding the furniture marketplace of designs that have been around for years but have passed their 25 year copyright. The new law is now being extended to 75 years to protect designers.

In celebration of all things retro and British, Distinctive Chesterfields have created a series of illustrations of the most iconic, quintessential and British retro furniture pieces from the decades, and even centuries, gone by.

For more decorating ideas, DIY projects and even recipes, visit Suzy’s blogs at Better Decorating Bible, Better Housekeeper, and Better Baking Bible.

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    Suzy Q: Mid-century classic is an ever favoured style in furniture that keeps coming back into fashion. The G-Plan sideboard is a perfect example of this with its streamlined look.
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    Suzy Q: The Axminster Carpet has been around since 1755 and is still going strong today.
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    Suzy Q: Novelty homeware or serious 70s style? The Mathmos Lava Lamp makes the cut with its unique formula and look.
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    Suzy Q: For years the Ercol Pebble Tables were a staple in fashionable households. They’re now a design that’s copied around the world.
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    Suzy Q: A retro classic, the Roberts Radio is still available to buy now in this classic design or in an updated, more modern casing.
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    Suzy Q: The Anglepoise lamp was a feat of modern engineering in the 1930s and is still celebrated today – its 75th anniversary was marked on Royal Mail stamps in 2009.
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    Suzy Q: The day bed is popular in busy homes nowadays, catering for day time and overnight guests alike, but its original ancestor was the Ercol Studio Couch designed in 1956.
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    Suzy Q: Designed around the increase in TV suppers in the 1970s, the Nathan Supper Table is still a popular and versatile design today.
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    Suzy Q: An iconic design if you ever saw one, the Rotary Telephone with its “revolutionary” Bakelite style is popular among retro homeowners today and inspired a generation of modern telephones.
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    Suzy Q: Did you know the original Chesterfield name is said to be from the commission of a davenport style sofa in deep buttoned leather by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope (1764-1773)?

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