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Hit The Snooze Button With These 10 Comfy Bed Linen Decorating Ideas

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Suzy Q
When decorating our homes, sometimes we give little to no thought about our bed linens. Choosing the right linens, comforters, pillows, and bed accessories can be a little more complicated than we think. Here are 10 comfortable bed linen decorating trends that we love, and you should too!

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    Suzy Q: Bohemian Style

    This unique style is definitely back, and stronger than ever! Long gone are the days of matching up colors in the color wheel, bohemian decorating is all about using the colors and patterns that you love. Break all the rules mixing and matching different patterns: floral, stripes, paisley, with hues like: pink, brown, cream, red, and blue. Layer multiple patterned pillows, with a fun duvet cover and an eye-popping sheet peeking out from under.
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    Suzy Q: Cozy Up with Fur

    Designers are obsessed with fur throws, and these cozy pieces of faux fur are turning beds from bland to expensive looking and glamorous. This bedroom was actually decorated for the Kardashians, and to no surprise they have already jumped on the bandwagon. All you have to do is fold a fur throw at the foot of your bed to spruce it up and you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes!
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    Suzy Q: Neutral With a Hint of Color

    This bed set is clean, sleek, and without a doubt classy. To get this look, stick to neutral bed linens, and then add a hint of color with patterned pillows in muted, gentle hues. To top off this amazing look, a tufted headboard was used in a silk cream fabric. Pure class!
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    Suzy Q: Hollywood Regency

    It’s no secret that designers try to mimic the great styles of old Hollywood. One look they loved back then was clean, sleek lines, and pillows with either Greek key trim, or thick borders.
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    Suzy Q: Quilted Accents

    One thing that makes a home feel cozy, is adding accessories that make it feel like a home! Remember grandma’s warm quilts? Thankfully there are so many blankets on the market that feel and look like real handmade quilts. Place them at the end of your bed, and then choose sheets with intricate embroidery to get an even more cozy, and shabby-chic feel.
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    Suzy Q: Set Your Style

    Whichever style you would love for your bedroom, from tropical, bohemian, and even modern, you can actually set the style and tone of your room all from your bed linens. In the bedroom, the bed is your centerpiece so make sure you pay extra attention to how you decorate it and which fabrics and colors you decide to choose.
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    Suzy Q: Quality Control

    Before purchasing bed linens, make sure to do you research first so you know exactly what you are looking for. When shopping, look for labels on the bed linens that say the thread count number. Keep in mind, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets and pillowcases will be. Consider your new bed linens as an investment and don’t be afraid to splurge.
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    Suzy Q: Even a girly girls room can have great style. Take a look at this pink and black bedroom, along with the fabulous bed linens. Definitely a teenage girls dream room!
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    Suzy Q: Choose a Fancy Duvet

    Are your bed linens looking a little muted and too neutral? A patterned duvet cover will not only add some color and life to your bed set, but also protect your bed linens. Keep an eye out for luxury duvet covers made with Egyptian cotton. These fabrics are tightly woven, and the high thread count provides a durable cover for duvets that gets even softer every time you wash it!
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    Suzy Q: A Taste of the Wild

    Large, animal print pillows make a much bigger design statement then a collection of small cushions. I personally love decorating with animal prints, but make sure to just use a hint – because a little can go a long way. Keep your bed linens neutral and then bring your whole look together with a plush pair of cushions. What a magnificent design statement!

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