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Makeover Your Living Room Like A Designer - Here's How!

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Looking to give your living room a makeover this season? There is more to it than a fresh lick of paint and new sofas. We'll show you how to give your home a quick and easy makeover with some of our tried-and-tested designer tips!

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    Suzy Q: In most homes the living room is the main social area and the center of the home where all activities unfold. Usually when guests come over, we take them straight to our living rooms to have a seat. Since it’s such an important room in the home, its also vital to keep it looking its best!
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    Suzy Q: Somewhere Comfortable to Sit:

    The majority of the time everyone in the room will be sitting, which means that it is well worth investing in good seating and designer sofas. If you aren’t sure which sofas to choose or what would work best in your space, you may want to consider leasing first. There are tons of good furniture rental firms that will allow you to hire what you need from them. They usually give you the option to buy them at a discount should you decide that you want to keep them.
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    Suzy Q: Leasing furniture can also be a great way to get your hands on the latest sofas and take a month or two to try them out. That way you can be sure that the sofa is really as comfortable as it looks before you actually buy.
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    Suzy Q: In fact, it is possible to lease all of the furniture for your new look living room if you want to. Doing so, can be a good way to spread the cost of furnishing your new space.
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    Suzy Q: Bring in the Light:

    When you redecorate a room, it is always a good idea to look at the lighting. The way a room is lit has a huge impact on how comfortable and practical it is. It also sets the whole mood and ambience of the space, making it important to do your research first before installing lighting.
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    Suzy Q: Over the past decade there has been something of a revolution when it comes to home lighting. There are several great new ways to light a room, so it really is worthwhile taking the time to bring this aspect of your decor up to date. For more info and decorating tips take a look at this article on 4 Lighting Options that Impact a Home’s Ambience.
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    Suzy Q: Make Your Living Room Look Bigger:
    To make your living room look twice the size, hang a few large mirrors or consider installing wall tiles over a whole wall. What’s so great about mirrors is that they reflect and magnify natural light, making a room seem much bigger.
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    Suzy Q: Adapt Your Living Room to Modern Living:

    When you redecorate your living room, take the time to stop and think about the new ways people are using this space. For example, most people now stream the movies and TV shows they watch, so a strong Wi-Fi signal in the living room is essential. When you redecorate, take the time to have the electronics changed to incorporate an additional router, or maybe have a few extra plugs installed so you can use repeaters.

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