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Save Space And Get Organized By Creating Your Own Shelving Units

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Every home has an issue or two that the owner would like changing. It could be how the kitchen is configured to changing the side of a door hanging. Many homes, one key issue that many struggle to solve is storage. Here’s exactly how to battle this problem and use every square foot of space!

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    Suzy Q: Using space creatively to be able to store everything from books to shoes, recycling items to food is a conundrum that is never really elucidated. The most we achieve is, or so it seems, a solution that is not perfect but that ‘will do’. Space is often an issue when it comes to creating storage solutions but there is often another issue – budget restraints. But, using the space you have to create storage solution within budget is a possibility. Costing out every aspect of the project from materials to all kinds of fixings, glasss clamps and clips here are some great tips for getting the best solution, at the best price:
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    Suzy Q: What are you storing?

    First and foremost is an understanding of what you are storing in the place where you intend to create shelving, cupboards or a mix of storage solutions. Books require a straightforward shelving system but for other items, you are free to create a solution that fits with you, your budget and your décor. Including sea grass baskets etc., to hold loose items is a great way of keeping things in one place, for example. Once you have an idea of what it is you need to store, you can start to get creative with your solutions.
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    Suzy Q: Bespoke design made to fit you and your stuff

    With storage, the one thing that becomes immediately clear is that bought-items rarely cut it when it comes to offering storage perfection. Things will often be too small/big/wide/ flimsy/ugly and so on. Creating your won solution is the best way forward. This requires not so much a creative eye, but measuring correctly as well as sourcing components and materials that will deliver.
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    Suzy Q: For items on show, for example, using materials that complement and let them be the star of the show is simply essential. Glass shelving if perfect for creating both light and a sense of space in a room, more so in smaller areas.
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    Suzy Q: Use awkward spaces to the best of their ability

    Storage should not take over any space in the room that is valuable – hence building a bookcase in an area that can be used for dining, playing and so on is not the best use of space. Those awkward spaces, the nooks and the crannies are the perfect spots for creating bespoke storage solution.
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    Suzy Q: Under stairs space is often underutilized thus, creating shelving and cupboard space can be a great use of this space, perfect for storing shoes, school bags, keys and so on. Many busy homes also use it as the ‘morning station’, the place where reading books, packed lunches and so on are all stored ready for the morning rush.
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    Suzy Q: Plan it and cost it

    Take your time designing it and then take time looking for materials and the fixings and other components. Constantly think about how it will work but also how it will look. Mix materials for an eclectic look but also take your time to source components and fixings so that the beauty and the design of your creation is not compromised by large, cumbersome, ugly fixings.
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    Suzy Q: Look for inspiration

    Not creative? Lacking in ideas? In some ways, being presented with a blank canvas is a daunting prospect and for many, being able to vision what they want, how they want it to look and so on can be difficult. Creating a plan on paper, double-checking measurements is key to a translating your ideas into reality but if you want it to look amazing, then you need to seek inspiration. Luckily, there are social media channels full of inspirational ideas – you just need to find them.
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    Suzy Q: Start with the photo-based social media sites such as Instagram. Many people and designers will post photographs of amazing creations, as well as showing a range of clever storage ideas and solutions. A great way of saving money to recycle and upcycle items. There are all kinds of obsolete items around the home that can be repurposed to provide a storage solution to a niggling issue or problem.
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    Suzy Q: Make a start!

    With any DIY project, making a start is tough. But with this kind of project, keep it small, plan it, get everything in place before you start from materials to fixings and enjoy the process of creating your own bespoke storage solutions.

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