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Which Shutter Style Suits Your Home?

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Can’t decide on which shutter style to buy for your home? With so many different options, choosing the right shutters can be a confusing and daunting task. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way from the pros!

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    Suzy Q: Shutters are a practical addition to your home, allowing you to control heat and light levels within the rooms of your home and reducing inconvenient noise levels from outside. Reducing light levels during the day protects your furniture from the fading effects of the sun.
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    Suzy Q: Close your shutters in the evening and you have a layer of insulation that can help in cutting down on heating costs. In addition, closed shutters provide peace of mind, preventing anyone trying to break into your house from seeing in through your windows. Leaving the practical uses of shutters aside, shutters are also a great decorative feature for your home and can be chosen to complement your décor.
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    Suzy Q: What types of shutter can you choose from? One of the most common types is wooden window shutters. A big benefit of wooden shutters is the quality and endurance of the materials used, meaning that the shutters will continue to look great, years after they have been installed. Wooden shutters can be painted or stained, depending on your preference.
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    Suzy Q: You may prefer solid wooden shutters, offering supreme levels of privacy and protection from light. Alternatively, you can install plantation window shutters with slats. Choose from different sizes of slat to match your needs. Smaller slats help cut down on the level of light getting into your home. Larger slats are a great choice for larger windows or windows and rooms that are overlooked.
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    Suzy Q: Another type of shutter for the home uses polyvinyl. The great thing about polyvinyl shutters is that they can be made waterproof, making them suitable for a bathroom or wet room. Easy to clean and protected from the effects of moisture, polyvinyl shutters are practical and lasting, but they are stylish also and can be chosen to match the décor of your bathroom or wet room.
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    Suzy Q: Aside from the material you choose, another issue to consider with shutters is the particular style. From solid panels to tier-on-tier and from café style to tracked door, there are many different styles of shutter. A good starting point when choosing your style of shutter is to consider the overall décor and ambience of your home.
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    Suzy Q: If your home is decorated in a classical style, then perhaps solid panel shutters would complement it better. A tier-on-tier shutter suits a tall window and allows you to open the top or bottom half only. Café-style shutters, covering the bottom portion of windows only, might suit someone who is reluctant to give up entirely on curtains. If you have larger windows or French doors in your home, tracked door shutters can cover the additional space better than more traditional styles of shutter.
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    Suzy Q: Shutters for your home are a great addition, but be sure to pick the type of shutter that properly meets your needs and matches your home’s décor.

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